ABRACOLORS, your fashion accessories online shop where you can find complements from different parts of the world... all of them with its own style and very special. Discover our nice and trendy kikoy towels in different colors originals form Kenya, turkish pestemals that you can use not only as a towel but also as a pareo, throw, blanket..., ethnic handbags in different styles and our new collection of neoprene handbag

Very special complements for very special people. Come in and discover our collection. 

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Red Handloom handbag

Product no.: BT 01

Red stripe tote bag

54.00 *

Rug totebag

Product no.: RT 02

Rug totebag

54.00 *

Striped bag

Product no.: MR
38.00 *

White washbag

Product no.: IN 04

White quilted washbag
28x12x9 cms



25.00 *


Product no.: PS 1913

Multicolor pestemal towel

35.00 *

Handloom clutch

Product no.: BM 01

Navy blue stripe handloom clutch

35.00 *

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